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Our membership year runs from the 1st September to the 31st August!

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Our Policies

By registering as a member you agree to the following policies, both as a Norfolk, and National Federation member:

1. The Countrysiders Pledge
for Countrysider members, your part in staying safe
2. Safeguarding
NFYFC Safeguarding Leaflet
governing all members of Norfolk YF and Countrysiders
3. Standards of Behaviour
governing all members of Norfolk YF and Countrysiders
Drugs & Alcohol
governing all members of Norfolk YF and Countrysiders
Equality & Diversity
governing all members of Norfolk YF and Countrysiders
Anti Bullying
governing all members of Norfolk YF and Countrysiders
Privacy Policy
our stance on GDPR and your data

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Countrysiders membership?
Our membership rates are governed by the members, for members 16 & Under at the time of registration this is £30.00.

This £30.00 covers the cost of insurance and contributes to the multitude of activities available to Countrysider members throughout the year.
How much is membership to the Young Farmers?
The membership rates for Young Farmers Clubs are based upon the County Levy, this is a fee agreed by the members annually at the Annual General Meeting in November.
For the YF and Countrysiders year ending August 2018 these are,

Junior (16 & Under), £30.00

Intermediate (17-21), £60.00

& Senior (21-26), £60.00

YF clubs set their levies based upon the county rate, so don't forget to check with your club Treasurer when signing up!
I'm 26, can I join Young Farmers?
Generally, if you are a new member of Young Farmers and are 27 within the next 6 months from when you sign your membership form we advise against registering at a club.

This is because 'Associate' members do not get as many benefits as Junior, Intermediate and Senior members, including in some cases:

-No voting rights at a YF club, County or Area meeting,

-No oppurtunity to compete at Eastern/Northern Area, or National Finals.

If you are due to turn 27 within 6 months why not visit our 'After YFC' page for more information on how you can support the clubs without being a member.
Will my membership renew automatically in September?
No, you will need to complete a new membership form (look out for your preprinted renewal form in the post during August!).

This is because we update our forms annually to ensure that we are covering the key areas relevant to your membership such as GDPR, safeguarding, and any new or developed health conditions.
I would like to move clubs, do I need to reregister?
Yes you do.

We are unable to remove your details from our club database part way through the Young Farmers and Countrysiders year except in extreme circumstances.

To move clubs you will need to complete a new membership form stating the club you are moving from-to, and the date you are moving. Once you have moved clubs in the spirit of fair competition you may not be allowed to compete for your new club until the new membership year. You will have to pay membership to the club you are moving to also as the club will be billed for you in the following year.
Are you part of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs?
Yes we are!

A number of our policies governing our clubs and their members are from the National Federation and all of our clubs and county are affiliated too. This means that when you take part in any event at club, county, area or national, you're one of over 20,000 other YF members!

We also follow their core values of Fun, Learning and Achievement; they're a big part of everything we do.

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